Young Markets

The Conference for the Future of Markets – Alpha Needs Innovation


Here you can find opinions of speakers and delegates
who participated in Young Markets conference in 2012.

Ulf Axman

“It was very exciting to see very different aspects in so many areas. All aspects were actually interesting for such reasons that any activity must be properly managed. It is necessary for the purpose of the process of preparing yourself to think about the future – which is a benefit to me and to the others. The process of elaborating the alternatives makes one better prepared. It’s meaningful to do this planning of what will not happen.”

John Barker

“I love new business and I love new ideas. It is great to see new ideas. That’s the positive thing I am taking with me, such big opportunities with such low cost entry; fantastic innovations, interesting to see in a year, 5 years.”

Adrian Fitzpatrick

“It’s been thought-provocative. From my perspective of looking was as the motto “Alpha needs innovation”. The great thing about conferences like this is not talking about one thing over and over again. Normal conferences reinvent the same thing, one subject being replicated.”

Andrei Chirileasa

“It is always refreshing to hear optimistic ideas about the future because I have somehow a gloomy perspective of it, and it is nice to see there are people who believe that we can change it into something better.”

Corina Chirileasa

“These 2 days and a half have been for me like swimming in a pool of ideas, and for a business journalist like myself I am not very used to technical details but I took away the ideas for start-ups.”
“I realized how far Romania is from the rest of the world.”
“I was really impressed by the quality of the speakers.”

Flip Pidot

“One theme that I wasn’t expecting to hear resonate with as much consistency is the idea of spontaneous order from chaos. […] My assumption is that this will work if the market is structured correctly.”
“There is opportunity for all of us attempting to innovate alpha.”

Dusan Dobromirov

“Precious insight in new ideas, new frontiers, new ways of doing things. I believe I will take from this conference a lot of positive ideas and impressions.”

Miroslav Ferencak

“Nothing innovates the “game” of order. You must control chaos in order to create innovation.”

Florian Goldstein

“There is a special relation between the Romanian capital market and the media. We (Bursa newspaper) appeared in 1990. 5 years we published articles about stock exchange, which didn’t exist in Romania. When it appeared, and it was not how we would have liked it to be, we started to criticize it. What we observe now is that we try to develop our market following the model of central markets when they have problems in re-design the system.”

Adina Ardeleanu

“This event is miles away of anything I have ever seen in Romania. My only regret is that there have not been more participants from Romania, they would have had a lot to learn.”

Robert Swagger

“It is not about kings and kingdoms, it’s all about collaboration and creativity.”

Colin Howard

“It is my wish, hope and prayer that some of the ideas you produced here to find their way into society.”
“If you do not make domestic local markets, whether it is commodities, equities, bonds, somebody else is going to eat your lunch, it is going to be taken away from you.”
“ Go and make your exchanges work, they won’t be liquid, but you will be in control of your own destinies and your own futures.”

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