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Greening Outlines Details Of First UK Development Impact Bond
Judith Ugwumadu – Public Finance International

The UK is set to spend £1.5m on research and design for a development impact bond to tackle the spread of sleeping sickness in Uganda, the International Development Secretary Justine Greening announced today.

Greening said this would be the UK’s first development impact and would bring together both public and private investment.

‘Development bonds are a tremendous opportunity to quickly get the finance and investment needed to make development work. This is vital if we are to create the growth and jobs needed to end poverty,’ she said.

‘We are determined to innovate and make our aid more efficient. It is right that donors like Britain ensure new private investment benefits the poorest and boosts growth in frontier economies.’

According to the UK Department for International Development, 9 million Ugandans are at risk of contracting sleeping sickness, a parasitic disease of people and animals. Previous efforts have been unable to deliver the scale of drugs needed to stop the disease.