Right now all eyes are back on Peterborough… Two articles today including the next stage of the report – some weekend reading as well as changes to the programme brought on by the shufflings of government…

Have a good weekend!

Social Finance Statement – Peterborough SIB
Pioneers Post

As announced today, the Ministry of Justice has proposed an alternative funding arrangement for Peterborough SIB in light of the expected introduction of a new approach to UK probation and rehabilitation services at the end of 2014.

The proposal will enable the Peterborough intervention (the “One Service”) to continue but will change the way the service is funded and remove the outcomes payments for the third and last cohort of prisoners to be released from June 2014. Details of the alternative funding arrangement are still being discussed but the Ministry of Justice is keen to ensure that the same level of rehabilitation support continues to be provided to this group through until the new regime is established and a new provider is in a position to establish supply chain arrangements for rehabilitation.

The support to prisoners in the second cohort will continue to be funded by social investors as anticipated until June 2015 and the investors will qualify for outcomes payments on the same basis as the first cohort.

We are very proud of what we have achieved so far. The social value of the Peterborough SIB lies in its flexibility to offer a well-resourced and responsive service to prisoners in custody, through the gates and in the community. Offenders have found that the offer of support that is voluntary, pro-active, non-judgemental and flexible to be invaluable. The figures released today suggest that there is a continued drop in reoffending by the first cohort of prisoners that we were charged with working with. Our focus, together with our delivery partners, is to ensure that the One Service under the new arrangement will continue to be delivered in the same manner to support prisoners on release and we will endeavour to share our learnings from the programme widely.

Phase 2 Report From The Payment By Results SIB Pilot At HMP Peterborough
UK Ministry of Justice

This report presents findings from phase two of the process evaluation of the Payment by Results (PbR) pilot at Peterborough Prison. The pilot uses SIB investment to fund interventions to reduce reoffending among male offenders released from Peterborough Prison having served short sentences (less than 12 months).

Findings are based on interviews conducted with key stakeholders between June and October 2013. Lessons learnt may help inform the delivery of the Government’s Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) programme.

Appendices to this research (interview protocol, interviewees, ways in which the prison facilitated the One Service, and examples of partnerships developed by the One Service) are published as a separated document alongside this report.

Since the production of this report, the Ministry of Justice has confirmed that it is discussing adjustments to the Peterborough payment by results pilot with Social Finance in preparation for the implementation of Transforming Rehabilitation.