Two good stories today, Belgium jumps on the SIB bandwagon with a bond aimed at reducing unemployment (then again making it easier to employ people might actually help even without a SIB programme) while there is a report on the future of SIBs in the USA too.

Happy reading…

A Belgian Première: A Social Impact Bond To Tackle Unemployment In Brussels

The first Belgian Social Impact Bond (and one of the first on the European continent) has been officially launched. This achievement was reached in a record timing of less than a year, by an informal team of professionals including EVPA member Kois Invest. This new Social Impact Bond brings together actors from the public sector (Actiris, the Brussels agency for employment), a non-profit (Duo for a Job) and social investors (gathered by Kois Invest) in a quest for a common objective: the reduction of unemployment among young migrants in Brussels.

The Future Of Social Impact Bonds In The US
forum for the future

Forum for the Future and The Raben Group have released a new report, “The Future of Social Impact Bonds in the US: Summary Report.”

The report analyzes the current and future landscape of SIBs in the US and develop a communications strategy to address the political discourse surrounding PFS.