The sharing economy may be verging on over-used buzzword in the online world but the impact of creating a wondrous shared potential is ably demonstrated in a cheering paper from “Jeffs” Edmondson and Shumway, welcome to today’s upbeat Social Impact Bond News:

Collective Impact + Pay for Success: Greater Than The Sum Of Their Parts
Jeff Edmondson (StriveTogether) & Jeff Shumway (Social Finance US)

Collective Impact and Pay for Success (PFS) may sound like just two more social sector buzz words. But beyond the buzz around these two methods for driving social change there is an important connection, and combining the two could equal big impact. Collective Impact and PFS approaches are both founded in data, evidence and proven practices. Both seek to drive positive social change for entire communities. Together, are the two models greater than the sum of their parts? We believe they can be.