Nothing specific about SIBs today as the UK is on a bank holiday but across the Atlantic, the small state of Rhode Island discussing social business…

Social Enterprise Boosts Ocean State

In Washington, D.C., the varying blocs of policymakers — House and Senate, Republican and Democrat, from senior members to freshmen — have, by and large, shrugged on legislation to empower social enterprise.

Fortunately, the social enterprise sector — designed to tackle social problems with market-based, for-profit solutions — has grown regardless, cultivated by innovation and a groundswell of entrepreneurial leadership.
And, in lock-step with the innovation harbingers of Silicon Valley and the Route 128 beltway, the smallest state in the union is a leader in the social-enterprise charge.

Yes, Rhode Island. Amid a muddle of start-up policies and a longtime sense of economic malaise, the Ocean State is turning heads in the social-enterprise sector. Industry leaders, exploring novel techniques — from new corporate structures to new equity models — are providing opportunity for disadvantaged Rhode Islanders. In promising accord, the state’s federal delegation has become the exception to the D.C. rule and has actively supported this growth.