Report shows the danger of Rikers… and once thought through surely only makes the need for PFS/SIB structures to deter recidivism all the more important? Welcome to today’s SIB News:

Recidivism At Rikers Means Returning To A “Culture of Violence”
Rick Cohen – NPQ

As the site of one of the very few Social Impact Bond experiments in the U.S., Rikers Island has gotten much positive attention for its commitment to reducing recidivism among released prisoners. The news from Rikers Island this past week seemed to be in strong contrast with the socially positive implications of the Goldman Sachs-supported SIB.

Late last week, the investigations chief at the prison resigned as a result of a U.S. Attorney’s office investigation released earlier in August. The federal report described the jail at Rikers as violent and unsafe, a place where prison guards employ “unnecessary and excessive force” as their “first impulse rather than the last resort.”