News of an upcoming webcast for the corporate philanthropy market and then a very useful article from the Guardian on the broader social enterprise landscape, noting the perils of too many social enterprises which seem to suffer a degree of corporate amnesia about the profit side of the ledger while fixating on delivering an enterprise so unremittingly social it is unsustainable financially…

What SIBs Mean For Corporate Philanthropy
Conference Board

A SIB is an emerging financial model that contracts governments, social investors, and nonprofit service providers to deliver social benefit. An SIB’s outcome is predicated on robust social impact metrics that are written into the contract.

This webcast is part of a new series of unique webcasts featuring exclusive insights from research in progress, across each of our three practice areas. Speaker: Alexander Parkinson -Research Associate, The Conference Board

Social Enterprises Must Not Prioritise Social Aims Over Viability
The Guardian

Too many social enterprises prioritise their social aim over becoming a viable business and achieving financial sustainability. This approach is flawed as more money equals more social impact.

Social businesses exist to make money and do good, however it is only through emphasising the business side of social enterprise that the social mission can be achieved.