Clearly there is a bandwagon if the WEF are involved but hopefully there is also tangible benefit to one and all as the DIB/SIB market expands…

Wealth Managers Help Investors Follow Their Passions And Turn A Profit
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Private wealth advisors are looking to offer strategies that can achieve the double bottom line of profit and social or experiential gain.

World Economic Forum Drives Impact Investing
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The World Economic Forum has launched a global learning exchange to develop the impact investing movement worldwide.

The Global Learning Exchange on Social Impact Investing (GLE) was launched in collaboration with the Impact Investing Policy Collaborative (IIPC) and the support of the UK Cabinet Office.

According to the World Economic Forum, the GLE will will drive impact investing as an important innovation for public good and will complement the ongoing efforts of the Social Impact Investment Task Force, the working group announced by UK Prime Minister David Cameron at the G8 Social Impact Investment Forum in June 2013.

Impact investing – which intentionally seeks to create both financial return and positive social impact – is an emerging investment approach hailed for its potential to reconcile key shortcomings in traditional financial markets.