News of advice, support and metrics for the recent Roca Bond in Massachusetts today…

Abt Associates Tapped To Support Roca As The Nonprofit Participates In The Massachusetts Pay For Success Program

Roca, the organization focused on significantly reducing incarceration rates among high-risk young men as part of the Massachusetts Juvenile Justice Pay for Success Project, has retained Abt Associates to build a new needs assessment tool to help it measure performance and intermediate outcomes.

“The new tool will provide a soup-to-nuts portrait of the clients Roca targets and the services it provides as well as define what Roca can expect from implementing its theory of change and how to measure outcomes,” said Abt Senior Associate Sarah Jalbert who leads the project.

Since its founding in 1988, Roca has been dedicated to transforming the lives of the Commonwealth’s most high-risk young people ages 17-24, including those who are drop-outs, young parents, refugees, immigrants and have been in the justice system and/or involved in gangs.

Jalbert explained that Abt’s partnership with Roca is supporting creation of “an efficient internal operating system” for the organization. “This involves documenting the components of Roca’s intervention model and data systems so it can be more effective in reaching, screening, treating, and tracking the interactions and progress of clients,” she said.

With Pay for Success or Social Impact Bond programs, the government does not fund social programs but rather pays for success, reimbursing the service provider if and when better outcomes are achieved. Investors handle the risk, financing the individual programs and reaping profits if they are successful.