Kershaw Slams ‘Toxic Thinking’ In The Social Investment Space

Civil Society Media

Nigel Kershaw, chief executive of Big Issue Invest and chair of Big Issue, has warned that some in the social investment community are bringing ‘toxic’ thinking into the sector, saying it is dangerous that some think of social change as an asset class.
Speaking last night, at the event ‘Social entrepreneurship: the future’, Kershaw said that many people in the social investment community wanted to “give something back”, and were driven by “good hearts”. But he also warned that some, particularly those from the finance sector, were bringing “toxic thinking” into the sector.

“There is a danger that social change is being seen as an asset class,” he said. “At a recent G8 investment on social investment there was talk of bringing £1tr into the sector.

“If 22 years ago, Big Issue pitched to these people, they would not have invested in us. Impact measurement would not have been possible as we wouldn’t have had a track record yet.”

Kershaw said while he was not against impact measurement, he stressed that everything could not be measured. “There is a tendency to focus on metrics and measures,” he said.

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