What You Can Learn From The Rise Of “Moneyball Government”


The federal government is not the sole player in the growing movement toward the use of evidence and evaluation in the policy decision-making process. While the federal government is undertaking a number of evidence-based program initiatives, the “moneyball government” movement is broader, encompassing initiatives at the state, local, and even international levels. Feds can learn a lot from taking notice of these local and international efforts

Social Impact Bonds Being Piloted in States. The Washington Post reports that “Six states are moving to develop so-called social impact bonds [see below for more details], marking a broad expansion of an experiment that taps private investors to fund capital-hungry social programs.

How Britain Leads The World In Social-Good Capitalism

The Telegraph

Five years ago, a new generation of super-rich individuals, led by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, were aiming to give away billions with the same zeal and discipline they had used to build their companies.

But then came the financial crisis, from which philanthropy has recovered more slowly than world stock markets.

In Britain, the amount of money donated to charity by individuals fell by 20pc, to £9.3bn, between 2010 and 2012, according to the Charities Aid Foundation’s 2012 Giving Report UK.

This year’s Giving Report, however, shows the wealthiest people donating more, with a 21pc rise in giving by the 100 high-net-worth individuals listed,

And the latest Million Pound Donors report by private bank Coutts cites 232 donations of more than £1m by wealthy people in the UK — the largest number since its study started in 2008.