One great piece of news and one rather angry opinion piece which has missed the point today. Taking the second first – it’s the usual capitalism is evil tosh (thus we must all be delighted that we have North Korea to show the free world the way forward as the world’s most prosperous nation). The first story is much more worthwhile – a fascinating 9 year study is under way to evaluate SIBs. More empirical data at this stage of the development of the product is very welcome.

Have a great week, greetings from London where I just arrived.

Ecorys Wins Ground Breaking Evaluation Into SIBs

Ecorys, in partnership with ATQ, has been commissioned by The Big Lottery Fund to evaluate the Commissioning Better Outcomes (CBO) fund. CBO aims to support the development of Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), and other financial mechanisms, amongst public bodies.

This ground-breaking nine year project is focusing on evaluating the development and impact of SIBs both funded by the programme and beyond. The method includes consultations and surveys with commissioners, stakeholders and investors, a range of ‘deep dives’ and case studies with areas introducing SIBs, and collating MI data to understand the impact.

Wall Street’s Plan To Control The Nation
Keith Johnson – Abel Danger

Few have heard of social impact bonds (SIBs), yet they’re one of the latest and fastest growing schemes the nation’s gangster bankers are using to drive public policy and enforce their agendas on federal, state and local governments. Although SIBs – also referred to as “pay for success” bonds – are a relatively new phenomenon here in the U.S., they’ve been very popular in the UK for several years. Among those credited with bringing this gimmick to market is “green energy” investor David Blood, a principal at Generation Investment Management, who, along with former VP Al Gore, has made sizable profits pushing the “global warming” agenda.

What’s worse is the vast majority of these privately funded social programs are clearly designed to bring the U.S. into compliance with the globalist agenda: Developmental education for pre-schoolers, behavioral therapy for prisoners and birth control for teens are just a few of the social engineering programs that have already been implemented throughout the country.