Well David Cameron has put social finance and SIBs centre stage on the G8 agenda and their endorsement is to be applauded as another key building block to making the world a better place through private investment.

UK – G8 – Launch Of The Taskforce On Social Impact Investment

The Huffington Post

In the run up to the G8 meeting, social impact investment took a major step forward on 6 June as the UK Government hosted a G8 Forum drawing together sector leaders from G8 nations and beyond. The UK government underlined its commitment to explore the significant potential of impact investment as a new way of tackling social issues with the announcement that the G8 is establishing a Taskforce on Social Impact Investment, which I am privileged to lead.

Following the Forum, 87 signatories, including some of the world’s leading financial institutions and charitable foundations, put their name to a letter on Saturday. They called on G8 governments “to create an enabling policy environment that can support promising innovations and help scale market-based solutions” and “congratulated them on this first step to embrace the promise of impact-investing as an important complement to existing efforts by the public and non-profit sectors”.