One fascinating story today and it explains itself succinctly discussing community bonds and SIB-related processes in Canada, happy reading:

Social innovation triggers impact investment in Canada

The Guardian

Birth of the Community Bond
With a lack of money but a willing community the idea of a community bond was born. A community bond is a debt instrument that allowed CSI, the issuer of the bond, to promise its community of lenders, the holders of the bond, the principal amount borrowed plus 4% interest over five years. Because the bond was backed by an asset, bondholders could place them in their registered retirement saving plans. CSI ended up raising $1.4m in the first four months and eventually the full amount to fund what is known today as the CSI Annex.
The story of CSI is not uncommon but the growth of social innovation in Canada, as exemplified by CSI’s overcrowding problem, has triggered a great demand for channeling investments into initiatives that deliver a mixture of positive social and environmental impact and financial returns, often referred to as “social investment” or “impact investment”. Today, CSI operates three shared workspaces in Toronto and a fourth in Manhattan, New York, that opened last month.