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COMMENTARY: How The ‘Pay For Success’ Program Could Boost Prison Reform
Patrick B. McGuigan – The City Sentinel

A proposal authorizing a “pay for success” revolving fund could boost prison reform prospects in Oklahoma. Enactment would mark an overdue start to practical programs envisioned in the Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI) of 2014.

Here is a report on the proposal’s status, and closing reflections on its importance.

Senate Bill 1278, by Senator Kim David, R-Porter, would create a state Treasury fund, managed by the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES). A total of $2 million would be designated the “Criminal Justice Pay for Success Revolving Fund.”

Explicit objective of the legislation, and of OMES management, is “reducing public sector costs.” OMES disbursements to “social service providers” would come only after “the delivery of predefined criminal justice outcomes.”

Initially, there’s one existing private sector program that could take on the assignment, and that’s Tulsa’s Women in Recovery (WIR).

Once a revolving fund is in place, here’s how it would work.

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