News of an interesting update event (which alas while I am in London looks to be clashing with some pre-arranged client meetings!).

Welcome to Monday’s SIB News, have a good week…

SIBs: Where Are We Now?


SIBs or Social Investment Partnerships are hailed by some as the answer to all public services, and seen by others as a specialised solution to a small number of situations and opportunities. Funders are saying there is more money available than there is demand from commissioners and the charity sector.

While it is still too early to know if SIBs are working (in producing good outcomes cost effectively) it is time to draw out the varied initial views and experiences of those at the frontline. In this event we want to ask:

What are the characteristics that bring success in putting a SIB together?

Are there social issues and/or geographies that seem easier to get a SIB off the ground in?

Can we set boundaries for what a SIB can be or can achieve?

How can the partnerships between funders and providers, with or without commissioners, be achieved?

What have been the development challenges; can these be simplified or removed in future?

Which areas of SIB development would benefit from further resource, or could follow a common process ?

Nine Ways To Make Sure You Make A Difference With Impact Investing
Carly Chynoweth – The Guardian

Impact investors want more than a financial return, they want their money to do something good in the world at the same time. This means balancing financial risks and rewards with the complex measures of social and environmental impact.