The UK government presses ahead with its approach to Social Impact Bonds with all manner of useful tools. Incidentally, at SIB News we continue to add all SIB issues as and when they appear within and beyond the UK.

Have a great weekend, here are today’s stories:

UK – Centre for Social Impact Bonds: new tools launched

UK Government

The Centre for Social Impact Bonds in the Cabinet Office has launched two important new tools to support the development social impact bonds: the Social Impact Bond Knowledge Box and a template SIB service agreement contract.

Canada – Could social impact bonds help grow the social enterprise sector?

Entreprising Nonprofits

Human Resources Minister Diane Finley’s recent announcement of 15 projects that could be part of a new social finance pilot that includes social impact bonds (SIBs) has ignited questions around what this will mean for Canada’s social enterprise sector. What are the potential ramifications for this emerging field that seeks to blend commercial and social objectives?
The Toronto Enterprise Fund (TEF) was one of the 15 projects selected out of 150 initiatives submitted from across the country last year in response to a request from government for examples of projects that could benefit from a social finance pilot.
Of the selected projects, TEF was one of two seeking to address social problems through social enterprise. Established in 2000 through a partnership between United Way Toronto and three levels of government, TEF funds and supports a range of existing and start-up social enterprises. It also advocates for social enterprise at all levels of government.