Given the abject failure of foreign aid over the years, a good article about DIBs/SIBs for Africa.
Meanwhile the big news is Morgan Stanley announcing even grander plans than Wall street rivals in recent days as it plans to amass a ten billion dollar war chest for impact investment!

Morgan Stanley Pledges $1 Billion To Boost Sustainability

The bank is seeking to attract $10 billion of client assets to fund investments designed to provide social benefits in addition to financial returns, New York-based Morgan Stanley said today in an e-mailed statement. Audrey Choi, who leads the bank’s sustainable finance group, will serve as chief executive officer of the newly established Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing.

Africa: The Name In Bond

Critics often condemn development aid for being ineffective and wasteful. A new breed of funding models – social impact bonds and development impact bonds – seeks to remedy these failings by providing incentives to funders, donors and aid recipients.

To see how these models differ from existing practice, we need to review development financing and its shortcomings. Two main funding models exist.

In the first, investors lend government money with the expectation that this money is returned with interest in the future. This is a classic bond: governments take on debt to fund major projects in healthcare, education or infrastructure.

In the second model, donors give money to the same governments or directly to non-profit implementation agencies, with the expectation that no money is returned in the future. This is the classic foreign aid model.