It’s always the same – add a shiny new wrapper to anything, tweak the model a bit and the financial industry just cannot help itself in trying to apply another charge.

The points made here are highly pertinent, impact investing is just a style and no different to any other style, to charge more for the service is as silly as to say black coats ought to be more expensive than blue ones

Impact Investing ‘Same Game’ As Other Investments – PGGM

Impact investments should not be viewed as a separate asset class but rather as an approach, and therefore not incur higher than usual management fees, pension investors PGGM and KLP have argued.

Speaking at the Global Impact Investing Network Investor Forum in London, PGGM corporate strategy and innovations manager Wouter Koelewijn repeatedly argued that the strategy – housed by the Dutch pension manager within its targeted environmental, social and governance (ESG) portfolio – should not be viewed as separate from other asset classes.