Păltiniş (German: Hohe Rinne; Hungarian: Szebenjuharos) is a mountain resort in Transylvania, the highest in Romania at 1440 metres above sea level, 35 km south-west from Sibiu in the Cindrel Mountains.

Surrounded by a rich a conifer forest,  Paltinis is a popular winter destination and in summer it is sought for its peacefulness. It represents a true mountain idyll in the heart of the New Europe.

It was founded by an association – Siebenbuergischer Karpatenverein (S.K.V.) – in 1894 and three villas from that period still exist. Currently there are 4 hotels, 6 chalets and 17 villas and an increasing number of private holiday houses.

At the entrance in the resort, there is a Romanian Orthodox monastery; the place where the Romanian philosopher Constantin Noica spent the last period of his lifetime.

Formally, it is a village administered by the city of Sibiu, although it lies on territory that is not contiguous with the city itself.