Education for girls In India is is a brilliant use of the DIB/SIB concept whole there are also resources from Deloitte University Press to cover all aspects of social impact investing to start the SIB week…

New Financial Instrument Helping NGO Educate Girls Fund Social Work In Rajasthan
Suman Layak – Economic Times

The DIB is structured on the model of the social impact bond (SIB) used in the UK at the Peterborough prison to help reduce government’s costs of managing inmates and their rehabilitation. This is how it works. UBSOptimus Foundation, the arm of UBS that helps clients achieve their philanthropic goals, pays money upfront to EG and becomes the investor. Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) of the UK is the ultimate donor but it pays UBS Foundation only after the performance of EG is measured, in this case by a US-based validator called Instiglio. Depending on the performance, UBS can earn an interest of 7-13% from CIFF. UBS takes on a money risk and EG a reputational one.

Social Impact Resources From Deloitte University
Anna – Impact Investing Australia

Deloitte University Press has launched a collection of resources, articles and videos on social impact. A variety of materials are available covering issues such as labour abuse in supply chains, water stewardship and higher education. The compilation of resources also complements Deloitte’s publication of The Solution Revolution, released in September 2013.