Interesting interview today, particularly as not only did Hamlyn Publishing brighten the lives of British children in the 1960’s/1970’s but it also funded a foundation which has done some very interesting things in the third sector…

Interview: Martin Brookes
Third Sector

The sector’s impact measurement pioneer has returned from the City to the sector as head of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation: he talks to David Ainsworth.

When Martin Brookes left the voluntary sector in 2011, after 10 years at New Philanthropy Capital, the think tank and impact measurement consultancy, he did not expect to be back so quickly.

Brookes joined the investment firm Fulcrum Asset Management as an economist, but only 18 months later he decided to return to the voluntary sector. In June, he became director of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, a grant-giver with a £600m endowment.

“The charity sector is home,” he says. “It took leaving to realise that. I’ve spent my time flitting from the public to private to voluntary sector. But this is where I belong.”

Brookes has a reputation as one of the sector’s strongest advocates for impact. Charities, he says, should constantly measure and demonstrate their effectiveness. Since he left NPC, he says, there has been some movement in the right direction.