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Colin Howard – Life Achievement Award

colinColin Howard has made an invaluable contribution to markets throughout his lengthy and ongoing career in markets, from electronic dealing room pioneer to online exchange mentor, Colin’s exchange history is remarkable across a huge swathe of commodities markets in places where most mainstream financiers have never dreamt of treading. We salute his achievement as somebody who entirely deserves his induction in the Young Markets Hall of Fame for his Lifetime Achievement.”

Teodor Ancuta – Life Achievement Award

teodorIt’s easy to forget the cold war and even easier for people in the west to forget the awfulness of the Ceausescu regime which impoverished Romania and left it in a worse situation than much of the Soviet Bloc. Yet from amongst the ordinary citizenry, there were those who not only opposed the despicable tyranny, they actually sought to make the future a better place for all Romanians.

Teodor Ancuta was once subject to an ongoing audit of how many suits and clothes he possessed by the Securitate as they endeavoured to ensure he would not stay in other houses than his own overnight.

When the Communist regime in 1989, it was not long before Mr Ancuta established himself as a local entrepreneur and he soon realised an aim, to create a ‘mini-Chicago’ exchange: in 1994 the Sibiu Commodities Exchange was founded and floor trading began. By 1997, the exchange became the first derivatives exchange (Sibiu Monetary Financial and Commodities Exchange) and in 1998 Ancuta created the Romanian Clearing House as a Central Counterparty. Options were also traded soon after and in 2000, the open outcry floor was replaced with the locally developed SAGITARIUS electronic trading system. The exchange expanded to become a cash marketplace with its own depositary in 2010.

Young Markets is delighted to inaugurate its Hall of Fame with a wonderful Innovator, a man who exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit of the New Europe and has fought so hard to achieve his successes, Teodor Ancuta, a lifetime laureate of Young Markets!

Ulf Axman – Personality Award

25943Ulf Axman is one of life’s unique characters and the world of markets is all the richer for his presence, quietly adding value to exchanges and conferences the world over. His is a unique zest for life and he was a unanimous choice as our Young Markets Personality of the Year,”.

Flip Pidot – AmCiv Young Market of the Year

IMG_0701“Flip has been leading AmCiv to fruition as a unique venue for the trading of political risk and we were delighted to see how he has approached the fascinating business of political risk transfer as well as gaining regulatory permission in the USA. With a vast proportion of the world facing tricky poltiical issues in the near future, political risk is high on the agenda and we expect AmCiv to become a leading player in helping businesses and individuals hedge that risk”

Robert Swagger – Trend-Ex Young Market of the Year

IMG_0602“Trend-Ex is built on the clear premise that traded markets are only exploiting a tiny fraction of the products which can support liquid benchmarks in a digital market era. We were excited by the scope and scale of Trend-Ex’s business proposition and delighted to award them a “Young Market of the Year” award”

Brian Taylor – Best Research Young Markets

IMG_0368“Brian epitomizes the thorough professional approach which has been the watchword of his career and this was evident in his discussion of the myriad opportunities in bond markets. I am delighted he is a laureate of the first Young Markets awards thanks to his great diligence and insightful understanding of markets and their future.”

Adrian Fitzpatrick – Best Speech at Young Markets

IMG_0463“Adrian brought the concept of the future of the dealing room to life with a splendid speech entitled “20:20 vision” delivering with humour, great insights in to how dealing has progressed and where it will go in the course of this decade.”

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