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Colin Howard has spent most of his life fighting one establishment or other, not always successfully. He has given the World Electronic petrol pumps, online credit cards, digital dealing rooms, online stockbroking, business orientated Internet and low cost equities exchanges. Whether as a sailor, pilot, or racing driver, he never stops dreaming of change – one of his race engines became the prototype Ford Sierra engine! He is currently seeking to change the physical settlement of commodities through his current exchange (, and the changes that are taking place with banks will be one subject of the conference. He is lead consultant to UNCTAD for commodities within Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. He should be retired, but enjoys what he does too much.

Logo of his company.


Steve Zwick is the Managing Editor of Ecosystem Marketplace and a contributor to Forbes, where he writes about the economic value of nature’s services. Prior to joining EM, he wrote for Time Magazine, Fortune Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal and was twice short-listed twice for the World Leadership Forum’s Business Journalist of the Year Award. He attended the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.


Head of Investment Dealing at Kames Capital ( an Aegon Asset Management company)
Adrian has 38 years experience of markets starting at Ivory & Sime in 1974.
He started as office junior and then joined the Investment Trust administration team in 1976. Adrian then joined the Central Dealing team in 1986 as a trainee dealer.
In 1991 Adrian was promoted to Head Dealer covering all asset classes.
He was also the manager for 5 Investment Trust dealing subsidiaries.
Adrian left Ivory and Sime in 1997 to set up the dealing team at Scottish Equitable which became Aegon Asset Management and is now Kames Capital.
Adrian is a member of the Investment Management Association’s Head Dealer group since 2003. He was also co-chair of the NYSE Euronext ITAC traders group in 2010 before relinquishing this role to become a Non-Executive Director of Liquidnet.


Kylie Wright-Ford is an Australian executive and entrepreneur living in NYC. She is the Founder of Touch Invest; a place for community and content around markets for tangible assets. Prior to launching Touch Invest in 2012, her professional career has been spent in financial markets and knowledge businesses. The early part of Kylie’s career was spent as an Economist and as a Stockbroker at Goldman Sachs JBWere in Australia where she developed a taste for financial markets and building relationships with intriguing people. More recently, Kylie spent six years in senior management roles at Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG Research)including as Co-Head of Global Research where she was responsible for leading a team of more than 400 professionals and managing revenue of more than $150m. An avid traveler, Kylie has lived, studied and worked in Australia, Japan, the United States, and the UK. She has an MBA from SAID Business School and an Honors Degree in Commerce from the University of Melbourne. is a place for content and community around markets for tangible assets. The markets we cover include; art, wine, collectibles, gems, thoroughbreds and precious metals.
Our unique value is that we cover many tangible assets while other business models generally specialize in one asset class (e.g. coins, gold or wine) or are focused on luxury instead of investment. We are completely independent and simply want to make it easier for our members to enjoy these intriguing markets. The objective for our members, in engaging with Touch Invest, is education and connections.
The products and services Touch Invest is rolling out include; objective reference material, a directory of services relating to tangible investing, aggregated news feeds, a highly curated blog featuring notable contributors in each of the verticals and a selective community of investors, experts, collectors and service providers for online and offline interactions. Touch Invest offers the opportunity to be part of the most expansive platform for research and connections in the tangible investing space globally.
History and Team
Back in 2004,’s Australian founders worked with high net worth individuals to help them invest intelligently in the stock market. They saw huge potential in real (tangible) assets and knew that people are always looking to create wealth using more than stock, cash and property. Since then, stocks and property have been volatile beyond expectation and demand for tangible assets has grown dramatically. Tangibles have never been more widely followed or important to the investing landscape and is at the center of the conversation.
The Touch Invest team is a nimble and talented team of product, journalist and network experts. Our relationships with experts in each vertical are central to our value proposition and our global perspective is a core strength.


After many years in high-level diplomacy Charles Crawford has a unique profile as an imaginative, dynamic and even provocative speaker who has addressed audiences large and small in many languages including English, Polish and Serbian.
During his diplomatic career Charles produced a vast body of official work, known for being uncompromising, direct and operationally creative.
He has been praised at the highest levels in London, NATO and the European Union; he continues to receive high accolades for his public speaking and writing work. For 2010/11, Charles remains ranked in the ‘Top 5′ of the most relevant speakers available today.
In late 2005 a private email sent by Charles to Whitehall offering suggestions on how Prime Minister Tony Blair might see off European opposition to the UK Presidency’s EU Budget proposals was leaked to the Sunday Times, generating controversy in the British and European/US media.


After an Honours degree in Jurisprudence from Oxford University he qualified as a Barrister before joining the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. From 1985-87 Charles served as Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe’s official Speechwriter, contributing ideas/language for speeches by the Foreign Secretary (major set-piece speeches, Parliamentary debates and less formal after-dinner remarks).
His first job on joining the FCO in 1979 was to head the Indonesia Section, followed by his first posting, to communist post-Tito Yugoslavia. He returned to London in 1984 and after a year on the Aviation Desk was appointed FCO Speech-writer. He was posted to South Africa in 1987 as part of the Embassy team led by Ambassador Robin Renwick working to end apartheid.
Returning to London in 1991 he worked in the FCO Department dealing with the Soviet Union as communist rule collapsed. He then spent three years in Moscow as Political Counsellor and then served three times as HM Ambassador: in Sarajevo (1996-1998); in Belgrade (2001-2003) and most recently in Poland (2003-2007).
In 1987 he wrote the FCO’s first Guide to Speech-Writing, a dynamic text full of real-life examples on how to write speeches – and how to weed out lugubrious mistakes. Two decades later it remains a core part of the FCO’s speech-drafting training.
He subsequently contributed to speeches by members of the Royal Family and successive Prime Ministers, as well as different Ministers and other senior personalities in public and commercial life.
He left the FCO at the end of 2007 to start a new career as writer, consultant, mediator and trainer. In 2009 he joined the UK Conservative Party candidates list.
In recent months Charles Crawford led training courses for senior EU and other officials and private clients aimed at improving their communication skills. He has written for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the Independent, DIPLOMAT and Total Politics.
In 2009 his audiences included the Headmasters Conference and Conservative Friends of Poland, as well as private groups and academic gatherings.
In 2010 he and other former British Ambassadors in partnership with ADR Group launched a new senior strategic dispute resolution panel, ADRg Ambassadors.


Rob Swagger is the Chairman and CEO of The Trend Exchange (“TrendEx”), a CFTC approved
“designated contract market” offering a boutique approach to innovative risk management
He is a visionary leader with mission-driven focus towards building value through developing
business opportunities. Throughout the past two decades he has provided leadership within
the financial services, media, environmental and energy sectors. Prior to founding TrendEx
he was a VP with UBS.
The pioneering of event markets resulted in approval of the innovative “Movie Box Office” futures. In addition to providing testimony to the CFTC and the US Congress, Mr. Swagger has appeared in numerous media outlets including: CNN, Bloomberg, WSJ, NY Times, Reuters, Financial Times and Time Magazine. He has been a keynote speaker with groups such as PwC, was an adjunct professor and guest lecturer and has led business leadership courses.
Mr. Swagger is member of YPO/WPO International, graduated of USMC Officer School (Quantico) and earned his MEd and MBA (course work) from IWU and University of Bath respectively.

The Trend Exchange (“TrendEx”) is an electronic futures exchange platform providing a boutique experience and superior process for successfully developing and implementing meaningful risk management tools for a global business community.
In the process of developing the TrendEx platform, management embraced the need for innovators to have a platform whereby new products could be launched. Core to the TrendEx model is a high value to providing global reach/access coupled by the historical value of a “boutique” experience. In essence, the TrendEx platform is the “iPhone” and innovators are the “app” developers. Through research, collaboration and identification of market-driven needs, TrendEx will continue to develop an array of futures products to help meet the capital requirement constraints of many under-serviced industries.
The TrendEx name is based upon the industry adage “The Trend is Your Friend”; accordingly, products are grouped into “Trend” themed divisions.
TrendEx received its approval by the CFTC in April 2010.


Mr. Haet is the President and Founder of the Startup Stock Exchange. His entrepreneurial experience traverses multiple sectors spanning 2 decades. His work includes serving as a consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Asia and the USA, managing the investment portfolio for the public employees of Massachusetts, and founding and operating multiple startups. As the President of SSX he has created a new investment market for early stage companies.


Brian’s most recent role was as head of product development & marketing at Saxo Bank. During his time there he managed the development, release and marketing campaigns for a number of new product initiatives. Including the launch of their equity platform. Before Saxo Bank, Brian was head of product development for Patsystems, an independent software vendor in the Futures and Options space.

Rising Sum is an intuitive new investment tool built upon the philosophy of value investing. Our proprietary Alpha Slope indicators and Value Barometers let clients screen, analyse and track the long term development of thousands of stocks. Modelling Berkshire Hathaway’s acquisition criteria we identified IBM and Lubrizol as value investment opportunities, before purchase by Warren Buffett.

Key Benefits
Clients can screen for undervalued companies which have a consistent track record. Over 2,200 of the largest companies in the UK and US are searchable. Our screening tools enable clients to be the first to identify value opportunities.
Our initial model ‘value investing’ models the Berkshire Hathaway acquisition criteria: consistent earning power, earning good returns on equity and an offering price (intrinsic value). We will extend model availability to include the most ubiquitous models e.g. GARP, Income investing, etc.
Company profiles are available on all companies and include key ratios and financial data. Users can view the profiles on four different timeframes (3YR, 5YR, 7YR and 10YR).
Each month we publish a value report focusing on a different index and timeframe e.g. UK ALLShare 5YR (medium risk).

Key Facts
Founded in 2011 and backed by Enterprise-Ireland as part of their High Potential Start-Up programme.
Value model identified IBM & LBZ (circa $10 B investment by Berkshire Hathaway) before their purchase.
Institutions can white label, IP license, or integrate our tools and content into their existing platforms


Andre Cappon is President of The CBM Group, Inc. a management consulting firm specialized in financial services. Founded in 1992, CBM has advised some 60 leading global financial institutions, in both developed and emerging markets.

CBM’s practice focuses on capital markets, in particular stock and derivatives exchanges, credit risk management and wealth management.
CBM group has worked with some 25+ exchanges, interdealer brokers, clearing and settlement institutions. Key clients include Brazil’s BM&F BOVESPA, NYSE Euronext, Canada’s TMX, the Philippine Stock Exchange PSE, CBOE, NYBOT (now ICE), OM (now NASDAQ OM).

Prior to founding CBM, Andre was a Partner of Oliver Wyman & Co, a Vice President of Booz Allen & Hamilton Inc., a Manager with Arthur Andersen & Co (now Accenture). He began his career with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) B.Sc. Mathematics and Columbia University, M.S. Operations Research. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian.


Brian is Managing Director of BTA Consulting Limited (BTA) – a niche and leading financial markets consultancy group, which Brian set up in 1991.

While running BTA Consulting, Brian has held various executive and senior positions with exchanges including Chief Finance and Technology Officer of PLUS Markets, CEO of the Bahamas International Securities Exchange and Interim Head of Finance for the Court Funds Office, Her Majesties Government.

BTA has provided advice to some 100 clients across the globe on projects of national importance associated with most aspects of capital market development. This includes mature and emerging markets Exchanges, Regulators, MTFs, CSDs, Central Banks, Investment banks, Data Centres and IT providers. BTA has driven innovation, change and results into market structures. BTA has succeeded where others have failed. BTA is currently providing game changing advice to:
· A major European exchange on a new fixed income marketplace;
· A new structured products MTF for a new asset class;
· The Bank of Tanzania / Dar-es-Salaam Stock Exchange on strategy;
. The Stock Exchange of Thailand on system migration testing for the switchover from NasdaqOMX to Cinnober trading systems.

Brian qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen & Co and worked for Merrill Lynch and Price Waterhouse Consulting, prior to establishing BTA.

Brian holds a First Class Honours Degree in Geography from the Victoria University of Manchester and is a Member of the Society of Industry Leaders (Guidepoint).


Flip Pidot appears regularly as a political and financial commentator on Live and has appeared as a markets guest on Fox Business Network. Flip was a Republican and Growth Party candidate for New York State Senate in 2006. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a CFA Charterholder.

Flip is co-founder and chief executive officer of American Civics Exchange. Prior to founding ACE, Flip has worked in the fields of investment management, politics, and fraud investigation. He holds a BA in Economics from Notre Dame and an MBA from Darden Business School at the University of Virginia, where he has returned as a guest finance lecturer on the topic of political risk management, and participates in the UVA Investing Conference as both a corporate sponsor and a speaker.

American Civics Exchange (ACE) is an online political futures market, enabling businesses and investors to hedge financial exposure to adverse political outcomes by trading binary futures contracts on an electronic exchange. Each contract is tied to an underlying policy outcome (e.g. changes in tax rates, regulatory decisions, enactment of legislation). Based in New York, ACE operates as an Exempt Board of Trade and is preparing to launch real-money trading on a US-regulated futures exchange.


Dusan Dobromirov is a Lecturer at FTS Novi Sad a higher educational institution where he lectures on Corporate finance, Money, Banking and International finance since 2006. Mr. Dobromirov also serves as a Non Executive Member of the Board at OTP Bank AD and provides consulting to start up companies, food processing companies, high tech companies, seed capital, venture capital for both private and public sectors in the financial sector. He is knowledgeable on derivatives/cash markets, currency/money, national/international commodities, regional banking, international finance and corporate finance in the Balkan region. From March 2004 to April 2006, Mr. Dobromirov served as the Member of Council at Serbian Central Bank and was also on the supervisory board. During his tenure he has worked on several projects for the ministry for example Currency futures market in Serbia. Prior to joining Serbian Central Bank, Mr. Dobromirov was the Chief Executive Officer at Produktna Berza between Mar 2001 to Mar 2004, the national commodity exchange in Serbia for spot contracts such as corn, wheat, soybean, soybean meal, sunflower seed, sunflower meal, feed barley, sugar, mineral fertilizers are traded at the exchange. His past affiliations include Non Executive Member of the Board at Niska Bank and Member of the Managing Board at Continental Banka.


Liquidnet President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
Seth Merrin is an entrepreneur, global business leader and philanthropist who has reinvented how Wall Street can work for good and use technology to make the markets safer and more efficient for investors.

In 2011, Seth was recognized as the “Innovator of the Decade” by Advanced Trading magazine, an honor he has received two decades in a row, and was included in Treasury & Risk Magazine’s “2011 100 Most Influential People in Finance” list. Seth was also ranked in Institutional Investor Magazine’s “2011 Tech 50,“ as one of the executives who “gain a competitive edge by catching the next wave of disruptive innovation” and has been named as Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year Metro New York in Financial Services.”

As founder and CEO of Liquidnet Holdings, Seth’s vision to build the world’s global institutional trading network that connects the world’s leading asset managers with the liquidity they need to trade large blocks of stock securely and efficiently has become a reality. In only ten years, he has built a truly global company, with equities trading extending to more than 630 blue chip asset management firms in 39 equity markets across five continents. Liquidnet continues to be recognized for the value it delivers to its Members – best execution, superior liquidity, and protection for their large orders – with dozens of accolades and awards including the #1 broker in the world for 2011 by Ancerno Ltd., on behalf of Bloomberg News.

Prior to founding Liquidnet, Seth co-founded VIE Systems Inc., a financial services application integration software company. Seth founded his first company, Merrin Financial, in 1985, launching the industry’s first order management, compliance and electronic order routing systems for asset managers. At first embraced only by cutting edge firms, these technologies are now standard on virtually every trading desk in the U.S. ADP acquired Merrin Financial in 1996. Prior to 1985, Seth was a Risk Arbitrage Trader for CIBC Oppenheimer.

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