Today’s cutting edge products are tomorrow’s plain vanilla instruments.

The history of financial markets has been a story of innovation which has brought better products that have given greater risk transfer than ever before.

The need for a forum where we can address the coming markets of the future is greater than ever before.

Young Markets is a new forum aimed at bringing together all aspects of new markets and product development including:

1) New Products in Cash and Derivatives Markets;
2) (Truly) Alternative Funds that look at New Forms of Investment;
3) Emerging Markets in all shapes and formats.

In essence, Young Markets is about all New and Emerging Forms of Investing.

If you want to learn about the business of seeking new forms of alpha and Managing Risk Transfer in every type of global market, then you need to be part of Young Markets!

Therefore Our Core Manifesto beliefs are rather simple to grasp and clearly proven. We believe in:

1) Freedom of Access to Markets;
2) Freedom to Trade Across Borders;
3) Open Access to Markets Brings Growth and Prosperity to Every Member of Society.
4) Using Technology to Empower Markets and Individuals to Invest For their Future.

We hope you will join us not only for our discussions but also to promote Young Markets at our Conference.

Young Markets is the forum for financial innovation.

Alpha Needs Innovation